Message From Director's Desk

Dear Parents, Teachers, Students and well wishers
My greetings to all of you! I experience immense joy as I welcome you to our school’s website. It gives me an opportunity to be in contact with you after taking over as Principal of Apex Public School, Gorakhpur. At Apex Public School, Gorakhpur the task of guiding children towards journey to adulthood is taken up with utmost seriousness through strategically and scientifically planned steps so that the students and parents relax and enjoy the power of becoming lifelong learner.

Our school is about development of academic skills, attitude, knowledge and above all the spirit of a good Indian and successful human being. The motto of Apex Public School, Gorakhpur is ‘Go Ahead in Life’. It is an institution to shape the child to Go Ahead in life. Our effort is to have our motto come alive in every student of ours. To fulfil our educational aims I look forward with great hope to nurture and build an atmosphere that exudes, unity, honesty, humility and service with the collaboration of Parents, Teachers, The academic and administrative staff, the management and all other members of the Apex Family.

I am committed to uphold the ideals of our Founder Brigadier Ajit Kumar Ram Tripathi who sowed the seed with a marvelous and brilliant foresight.

To all who read this message I wish a glowing life of joy and happiness. May the divine blessings showeron our institution.

May God bless us!